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  • “If you are a small business owner, you don't know what you don't know. It is a learning process and mistakes cost money. Having this guidance is very valuable!”

    • Tom, Small Business Owner

  • “There is so much stuff online, there is so much mixed info. I cannot tell if it is right or not. Legalucy led me to the correct sources- valuable sources that I could not have found on my own. It might have taken me days to figure out the right thing to look at.”

    • Brett, Small Business Owner

  • "The value of what I received exceeded my expectations. Legalucy is a ‘one stop shop’ as opposed to other sites. It was indeed worth it because it did the work. It saved a lot of time! I could understand clearly my choices and next steps.”

    • Melissa, Small Business Owner​

  • Legalucy Founder & CEO, Harmony Oswald, is one of the top female veteran leaders in Silicon Valley. Her tenacity, charm and deep expertise and insights into the legal tech field make her a force to be reckoned with. 

    • Ryan M., Head of Global Operations, Founder Institute​

  • Legalucy Founder & CEO, Harmony Oswald, is a strong entrepreneurial speaker, adviser and role model. She speaks candidly about her experiences and her lessons come with vivid, memorable stories. She is very responsive and can quickly hone in on what efforts are needed to achieve the biggest impact while providing critical guide posts on strategy and approach.

    • Jessica H., Entrepreneur

  • I participated in one of Harmony's group sessions. Harmony was prepared with a cohesive and effective talk, and she facilitated a productive discussion. She brought an enormous wealth of knowledge and experience, and was generous with her time and energy. Harmony's approach to teaching was collaborative and one of deep listening; I felt that she was invested in my growth and success. I left having clarified a purpose statement and list of goals, as well as a clear plan of action pertaining to how I would obtain these goals. 

    • Sascha H., Entrepreneur​

  • Think of what you would want from an advisor — knowledgeable, supportive, accomplished, go-getter, simply “on it” — and you have Harmony Oswald. Harmony is all of these qualities and more. She goes above and beyond. As my advisor, she has single-handedly improved the quality of my legal education and informed my career path. She is always able to relate to my experiences and offer creative, efficient solutions to help continuously propel me forward. Her vision and drive is contagious and awe-inspiring, being her advisee is a privilege I’m grateful for everyday.

    • Kiana O., J.D. Candidate 2021 Exploring Legal Career Pathways

  • Legalucy Founder & CEO, Harmony Oswald, is an impressive leader. She consistently demonstrates that she has the vision, the ability to build great teams, networks and coalitions, and the fortitude and resilience to execute in challenging circumstances. Her integrity, her intelligence and her energy are unstoppable. I would not hesitate to work with Harmony.

    • Wendy R., Principal, San Jose Leadership Coach and Angel Investor, Legalucy

  • What I like the most is the atmosphere which was comfortable and participative. Harmony cared [for] everyone to participate in the discussion... She prepared a presentation and detailed seminar material, [which] enhanced understanding of the topic. The material gave a chance to apply the concepts to real [life]. It helped me get [a] clear action plan.

    • Hayoung K., Exploring Entrepreneur​​​ship

  • Legalucy Founder & CEO, Harmony Oswald, is a force of nature. She has an uncanny ability to pull people with her to achieve ambitious goals. For the past year, I have witnessed first hand Harmony's ability to inspire people to join her team while founding Legalucy. Due to Harmony's leadership, the team has achieved numerous impressive milestones.

    • Mike S., Global Portfolio Director, Founder Institute 

  • Harmony Oswald is able to reach people from multiple backgrounds. Her life story includes honorable accomplishments such as military service, college education, law school, and successful motherhood. Gaining credibility with her students is one of Ms. Oswald's finest qualities. Students listen attentively to her and ask meaningful questions.

    • Andrew M., Entrepreneur​

  • Harmony is very prompt with her response and eager to help entrepreneurs. She is smart, pleasant, eloquent, and an engaging speaker.  Harmony is a natural born executive with the humility that is expected of good leaders.

    • Kamalesh R., Founder and CEO

  • Harmony prepared a professional agenda for our group talk. She was able to create an engaging environment amongst the attendees with ice-breakers related to our own business obstacles. This allowed us, the attendees, to connect with each other as well as the subject matter and internalize the material as we learned about it. The content of the presentation touched on important key points, applicable situational examples, and developing a personal execution plan for our own business ideas. As a result, I learned that others share the same concerns about starting a business or career progression and how we can overcome obstacles by reaching into our own networks and utilizing our resources. The talk provided me with a foundation of informative materials and a network of like-minded entrepreneurs as resources.

    • Lovina F., Exploring Entrepreneurship

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